8 - 16 Oct. Cluj-Napoca

The Yellow T-shirt of Tennis Supporters from Romania

Hi you, tennis fan,

We know you’ve been following your favorite tennis players’ matches all over the world.

You know that each match has a particular challenge and YOUR support is essential for the final result. Just being there and cheering for each rally, applauding the fight for each point, supporting a reset of mindset for each serve, you being there is part of the game.

You give power and transfer energy to the athlete on the court with each breath. You are important.  You are part of the fight. You are part of the win. You must be seen.

Starting today, we have a t-shirt just for us, tennis enthusiasts: a YELLOW T-shirt for Romanian Tennis Supporters. You will embrace a statement to be seen all over the world, so everyone knows your heart beats with passion for tennis and has the colors of Romania.

Get your fan T-shirt here: shop.sportsfestival.com

Until December 10, all orders from Romania get a 20% discount.

With love,

from Transylvania Open,

a huge Romanian tennis supporter!